Taxi Scams in Barcelona – How To Avoid ?

In Barcelona taxis are dark and yellow and demonstrate a green roof light on the front right corner when accessible for contract. The meter right now begins at €2.05 and climbs in augmentations of €0.98 each kilometer. These rates apply 6 am to 10 pm weekdays. At hours outside of these, the rates climb 20%. There are official supplements of €1 every pack for baggage.

Treks to or from a train station, or the quay where the journey boats put in, involve a supplemental charge of €2.10; airplane terminal runs include a supplemental charge of €4.20, as do excursions to or from a football match. There are cabstands (parades, in Catalan) all over town, and you can likewise hail taxicabs in the city, however in the event that you are so close it is not possible an authority stand they may not stop. You can require a taxi by telephone 24 hours a day. Drivers don’t expect a tip, yet gathering together the charge is standard.

Some important recommendations:

– Confirm the meter starts only when you start your journey
– Use small bills for payment (10-20 Euro)
– Say loud the bill you are using to pay (sometimes – often – you give 20 and the driver gives you change from 10)
– Avoid speaking about your travel plans in presence of strangers
– Alert the authorities in case you notice anything strange

Taxi Companies

  • Barna Taxi (+34 93 3222222)

  • Cooperativa Radio-Taxi Metropolitana Barcelona (+34 93 225000)

  • Radio Taxi (+34 93 2250000)

  • Taxi Class Rent (+34 93 3070707)

  • Teocar Mercedes (+34 93 3083434)


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