How to Get Barcelona City Centre From Airport

To spare you an unnecessarily long travel time, this article provides for every one of you the data you’ll require in terms of your travel alternatives from Barcelona’s El Prat airplane terminal to the downtown area. Whether you go by transport, prepare or taxi, the information here ought to guarantee you have a smooth and simple move between the air terminal and your Gowithoh city break flat.

By Aerobus

This is an air terminal transport benefit that leaves from both Terminals 1 and 2 (A, B and C) and ventures out specifically to the focal point of Barcelona. There are four fundamental stops in the core: Plaça Espanya, Gran Vía (at Urgell), Plaça Universitat and Plaça Catalunya. When you leave the airplane terminal, head straight to the transport stop and you’ll see a light-blue transport, with Aerobús as an afterthought.

The voyage to Plaça Espanya takes around 25 minutes, contingent upon the movement, and around 40 minutes on the off chance that you stay on the transport to its last end at Plaça Catalunya.

Aerobús, Barcelona by Ulf Liljankoskiif you decide to jump on the Aerobus for setting out over to the airplane terminal, you simply need to verify you get on the right transport – A1 for Terminal 1 takeoffs, and A2 for Terminal 2. The quantity of each one administration is shown plainly on the front of the transport. In the event that you do happen to catch the wrong one, all is not lost – there are associations between the two terminals.

A single trip on the Aerobus (‘un billete sencillo’) will costs 5.90€, while a return ticket (‘ida y vuelta’) comes in just somewhat less expensive at 10.20€. A return ticket is substantial for an aggregate of nine days, and you can pay the driver straightforwardly on the transport or buy the ticket from the machines beside the transport stop. The machines acknowledge both money and Visas, while drivers will expect accurate change.

The point of interest of this choice is that its genuinely modest, solid and quick – transports leave like clockwork each day of the year, beginning at 05:30. There’s additionally generally a lot of space for gear.

Open transports from El Prat Airport

An alternate choice is to catch an open transport from the airplane terminal to the downtown area. This isn’t for those in a rush, on the other hand, and there’s frustratingly no place for cumbersome gear.

The point of interest, obviously, is that this is the least expensive arrangement. A solitary voyage ticket costs 2€ or you can utilize a T-10 ticket (10-excursion ticket legitimate on Barcelona transports and metro), which costs 9.80€. Transports by and large leave from Terminal 2 additionally from Terminal 1 preceding heading toward the downtown area.

All through the daytime, the administration to pay special mind to is line 46. This is the main direct line between the air terminal and Plaça Espanya. It works from 05:00 till midnight.

In case you’re going amid the early hours of the morning, the night administration (‘Nuit N17′), is particularly for you and works from midnight to 05:00. The principle stops are at Plaça Espanya and Plaça Catalunya and transports come at regular intervals.

By train

Renfe UME Barcelona Airport by Gemituxyou can get a train from Terminal 2, which will take you straightforwardly to Barcelona’s downtown area. Trains run from 6:08 to 23:38, and stop at different stations – Sants, Passeig de Gràcia and Clot. On the off chance that you’ve got further to go, every one of the three stations are joined with the metro framework. Trains leave each 30 minutes

On the off chance that you touch base into Terminal 1, you’ll most importantly need to discover a free associating transport to Terminal 2.

Right now it isn’t conceivable to take the metro straightforwardly from El Prat air terminal to Barcelona downtown area. Work is continuous to associate metro line 9 to the focal point, yet for now, you can utilize a standard metro ticket to catch a train from the air terminal. A solitary ticket costs 2€ or in case will be utilizing the metro a considerable measure while in the city, you may be better purchasing a T-10 ticket (10-voyage ticket legitimate on Barcelona transports and metro) for the rest of your remain.

By taxi

Setting out by taxi has a tendency to be the most costly method for arriving at the downtown area from the air terminal, yet its by and large additionally the quickest and generally agreeable. The passage to the downtown area ought to be aroun


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