Avoid Barcelona Pickpockets – 6 Great Tips

Barcelona is considered the capital of pickpocketing in the world. Because it’s so popular and easy to get stolen, please read carefully some tips  we have listed here, in order to avoid being caught.

Barcelona is about too known for its famously high insignificant wrongdoing rates as the incredible works of Antoni Gaudi. Portrayed by the Mail Online as the “pickpocket capital of the world,” the Spanish city has high centralizations of visitors, a lot of clueless outside understudies and a smorgasbord of gathered avenues, prepares and locates that attract masses of ambitious hoodlums. Pickpockets target clueless sightseers and simple imprints, not local people, so you can set yourself up to mix in and maintain a strategic distance from their advances.

Tip 1

Dress like a local to abstain from emerging as a traveler and simple pickpocket mark. Shoes in summer are fine, yet avoid the shorts unless you are at the shoreline. Ladies ought to dodge smaller than normal skirts and low-cut or slim strapped tops. Wear dress that fits well – not very tight or excessively detached, with a keen cut – and skip anything shabby or generally in need of repair.

Tip 2

Keep the heft of your cash and your archives in your lodging, ideally in a safe. Just take the cash your will requirement for the day in your wallet, and put your wallet inside a sack or zippered pocket, not your jeans pocket. Wear your handbag over your midsection, not on your ought to, and keep it zippered close in the city, while riding open transportation and in gathered shops or at attractions.

Tip 3

Duck into a store, bistro or little side road to get your orientation. Don’t counsel your manual or road delineate fundamental avenues like La Rambla, squares like Placa Reial or uncovered streetcorners. Pickpockets will stamp you as a visitor and target ;you while you are diverted with your guide or while they “help” you discover your direction.

Tip 4

Keep physical contact with your day-pack or satchel in a restaurant or bistro, especially when situated outside in a substantial pedestrian activity region, for example, Las Ramblas or El Ravel, an alternate famous pickpocket zone. Place your pack on your lap or on the floor before you with the strap circled around your leg. Don’t hang your sack from your seat, as hoodlums will scrounge through it or basically cut the strap and take the pack.

Tip 5

Exercise great alert on Las Ramblas at all times. Amid the day, pickpockets work in gatherings with one catching you as a preoccupation while an alternate picks your pocket from the other side or squirting white fluid like pigeon fertilizer on you and picking your pocket while claiming to help you clean up. Around evening time, prostitute pickpockets line the promenade, snatching visitors and powerfully propositioning all of them while picking their pockets.

Tip 6

Abstain from taking the L3 Metro line or Bus 24 and waiting in the Placa Catalunya, Placa Espania, Passeig de Gracia and Jaume I metro stations. When you must take the train, don’t keep your Metro card in your wallet. In the event that you take out your wallet to get the card, hoodlums look at the substance of your wallet and where you keep it put away.


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